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America is known for a thriving education systems and a government that supports it fully. The US government sets the entire education standard but the curricula, policies and budgets are the mandate of locally elected school boards. Colleges in US and schools are funded locally, by the federal government and the state government. Private schools in US however determine their staffing policy, curriculum but voluntary accreditation is availed by regional accreditation authorities who are independent.

In the US education is compulsory for all school going children from the ages of 5-8 and 16-18 depending on the state and can be achieved either by homeschooling, private schooling or public schooling. Institutions of higher education are privately owned or publicly owned too with a post secondary education that is college and graduate school.

Tips When Finding a School

Although options may vary from state to state, the law, the privately funded scholarship programs, tax credit programs for children have widened the scope increasing the choices for parents. Thus the first choice a parent can make is living near a public school of choice, a charter school, or a neighborhood school. Apart from the choice of residence a parent should look beneath the label of a school, because whether public, private or chartered they can be either good or bad but rather getting real reviews from real parents, getting the demography’s of the school and also try to get opinion of kids who attend schools you may be interested in could shed some light. secondly test drive by visiting the school of choice on a normal day and most likely observe the teachers as they dispense their duties. While being diligent is advised don’t go overboard since no school can be as perfect as we would wish and don’t fail to follow your instincts as a parent this could act as a pointer. Lastly as a parent don’t give up too easily if none of the school has impressed you or hit your mark, keep the search going.

Average Cost to Study in a College in US

The cost will vary depending whether it’s a public college or private college. A public college in US would cost roughly $11,000 annually for two year of study inclusive of tuition, room and board. Whereas for four year of the same will cost roughly $18,900 annually.

Facts about Schools in US

US was ranked number one in the quality and quantity of education 30 years ago whereas ranked 36th place currently. Another not so pleasing fact is that high school students in US don’t graduate on time numbering to 1.3 million. Wisconsin is the state with the highest grandaunts at 80-89%. Fact; 40 million students do not have high speed internet in schools in US whereas 97% of the low income students rely on the school internet. The US Nation would have seen $337 billion dollars if the 1.4 million student of 2010 had graduated. Another interesting fact about schools in US is that the education assessment system is based on graduation rate.

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